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Cypress Beach | Pinic Island | Davis Island | Ben T Davis | Honeymoon Island Park


Our Tampa Beach locations are designed for couples located in Hillsborough County or flying into Tampa International Airport (TIA) who may not have time to make the trip to one of the Gulf Beach Locations for their wedding. Not quite as nice as the beaches located in Pinellas County, you will still be able to have your beach dream wedding, vow renewal or commitment ceremony with your feet in the sand.A paid beach permit is required for these locations. As a registered provider with the parks department, we will obtain beach wedding permit for you.

Cypress Beach - Cypress Point Park is a relatively undiscovered treasure with a beautiful beach. The park includes a .90-mile asphalt trail and .44 miles of nature trails. Cypress Point Park provides visitors with stunning sunsets, gorgeous beach walks, dunes, beach wildflowers, and fishing opportunities.

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Davis Island - Our Davis Islands Wedding Site overlooks the Davis Island Harbour and Seaplane Basin. It is located at the southern tip of Davis Island, 864 Severn Ave, Tampa Florida.

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Pinic Island - This is a park on Tampa Bay. It offers picnic tables, grills, playground, beach, etc. Although it's difficult to find, you will want to return once you've found it. You must first pass through an industrial type area to reach the entrance of the park. You will find many covered pavilions offering concrete picnic tables and bar-b-que pits.

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Tampa Davis Island Garden Club Gazebo.

Cypress Beach | Tampa Beach

Address: 5620 Cypress St, Tampa Florida 33607


Our Beach Florida The park is set on the Northwest upper end of the Tampa peninsula--easy to get to and is usually not overly crowded. To be inside the bay (and not directly on the ocean), the... Not too many people know about this little hidden gem located all the way down on Cypress street just South of the airport on Old Tampa Bay. A permit is required for weddings at Picnic Island and processed with the City of Tampa.

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Tampa Channel Side Wedding Photo.

Davis Island | Tampa Beach

Address: 800 Severn Ave, Tampa, FL 33606


With a canal fully separating a portion of the island from the rest of it, Davis Islands is technically an archipelago, hence the plural form "Islands" in its name. Originally, Davis Islands consisted of three islands. With the construction of the airport, however, the end of one canal was filled in to make enough land area for a runway, connecting the two largest islands at their southern ends and reducing the archipelago's island count to two. A permit is required for weddings at Picnic Island and processed with the City of Tampa.

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Picnic Island Tampa Florida wedding photo.

Pinic Island | Tampa Beach

Address:7409 Picnic Island Blvd, Tampa, FL 33616


The beach is long, narrow, and not particularly scenic and would not make your top ten list of beaches in Florida. The best place for a wedding at Picnic Island, in our opinion is on the large grassy area. A permit is required for weddings at Picnic Island and processed with the City of Tampa.

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